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Autumn is many peoples favorite time of the year! PandaRose especially loves this time of the year because of Halloween!
In this book you will fine writing, and drawing prompts, mazes, and coloring pages. We wanted to inspirer those who love being creative. Everyone loves doing art prompts during this time of year and these prompts don't disappoint.

*25 coloring pages (the coloring pages are single sided for bleed through)
*27writing & drawing prompts (To get the creativity flowing)
*7 mazes (answers in back of the book)

* Bookmark

*Tiny doodle booklet

*pencil and

* stickers

That's we'll over 31 days of creativity in one book! We hope that you have as much fun as we had making it. Tons of fun for family and friends.

Cute Nightmare activity bundle

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